Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top


This  photo was taken on a recent visit to the Tsitsikamma region of the Eastern Cape South Africa. After a steep climb we reached this viewpoint and felt as if we were on the top of the world looking down on creation!
on top


This one was taken at Heroldsbay in the Southern Cape from a view point above the little town. The beautiful patterns on the blue water formed by the  furious lashing of waves against the cliffs captured my imagination.


on top 1

Stop a While and Look Around


“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

- John Hughes, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Time goes by so fast.

If we don’t make the decision to take time out to enjoy our environment and each other’s company, we might one day wake up and find that life has passed us by.

On Sunday my daughter and I did just that. We took the time to explore her new environment and enjoy each other’s company. As we both are  firm believers in the joys of new experiences, we decided to have lunch at the Leafy Greens Cafè in Muldersdrift  http://www.leafygreens.co.za



This cafè serves only plant based and vegan friendly food. On weekends a  beautifully presented buffet lunch can be enjoyed.  Food is prepared from seasonal produce out of the farm’s own garden.

On arrival we were greeted by friendly staff and seated in a delightfully rustic outdoor area. Soon we were enjoying the well prepared and tasty food, in the relaxing company of other clients, nature and this canine friend.



ete 4









We left the Leafy Greens Cafè filled with vitamins and feel good food.

After such a big lunch a walk in the park was needed. So off to the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens we went, where another surprise awaited us. Due to the recent heavy rainfall, the waterfall in the Gardens is  swollen and filled with water cascading spectacularly down the cliffs into the river below .


The few hours we stopped here on life’s journey renewed our energy both physically and emotionally, leaving us ready to start a new week the next day.


Walking Update 18: Progress

Tuesday afternoon and time for our weekly walking date.

The starting point with beautiful antelope peacefully eating



Since my previous update, we progressed to taking the longer route of 3.6km. Still not very far, you might think.  However as this route circles up a hill, down through a wooded area, uphill again then down a very steep incline over rocks and through ditches it is not  an easy stroll. We set out armed with walking sticks to help us over the rocky patches. After all we are not so young anymore!



We saw this fungus growing on a tree stump deep in the wooded area.




The route took us about an hour to complete. I ended up wanting to join this zebra who was having his afternoon siesta on the green lawn near the restaurant

If It Can Be Thought It Can Be Done

If it can be thought it can be done. 

blog 8

This quote by E.A. Bucchianeri from the book Brushstroke of a Gadfly, came to mind when I visited the Shanga workshop in Arusha on my recent visit to Tanzania.This workshop for adults with disabilities grew from a small start in 2007 when Saskia Rechsteiner made necklaces for  a Christmas fair in Arusha.  http://shanga.org

The workshop is situated on the Burka Coffee Estate in Arusha Tanzania. Here one can have coffee in the beautiful garden at the River House  and visit the shop selling various items made by the special people in the workshop.


All the products are made from recycled materials and sold  through Shanga Shangaa Ltd., a for profit company which serves to empower the disabled adults  who work in the workshops.

I found the glass workshop most fascinating. Five young adults all with hearing loss and no speech, worked in harmony with one another to produce wine glasses and other products from recycled glass. Each knew their role exactly and communicating with gestures they worked fast and accurately with this difficult medium. We were able to observe them making wine glasses of which they can make up to 200 per day.
I took these photos with their permission  and trust that anyone looking at them will be in awe of the amazing human spirit and power to overcome obstacles if only the  opportunity is created.

We left Shanga with full shopping bags and hearts filled with inspiration by what we saw. Never again will I think I cannot achieve a goal for if it can be  thought it can be done!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Life often causes dust clouds to gather around us filling our lungs and lives with unpleasantness.

How do we cope with it?

I saw these three donkeys standing beside the road shrouded in a cloud of dust from passing vehicles in rural Tanzania, waiting patiently for the dust to pass.  Maybe I can learn from them to wait patiently for the unpleasantness that life deals me to pass before moving on to greener pastures.

What do you think?