TRS : Future Challenge:When Emotions Take a Fall, Get Busy

The past year has been an up and down roller coaster of a year.

Our eldest daughter and her husband moved to another country, the two youngest children left home to start their lives as young adults. Both my parents passed away within three months of each other and I had to have an operation on a foot.

On top of this I have to make a decision on retiring or not at the end of this year when I become 60.

When listing all these events, I realize it is no wonder I at times feel a little bit lost  and shaken both physically and emotionally.

My first reaction when feeling low emotionally is to do physical work.

My son made the following comment a while ago:

“When mom is feverishly washing and scrubbing floors I know something is wrong.”  

A good observation  and yes to scrub a floor helps me to think through and process problems.

However, there are more enjoyable and rewarding ways to achieve the same goal.

Earlier this year, shortly after my mother passed away, I tackled a very neglected and dirty old table and chairs. The hours spent sanding them down patiently by hand gave me lots of time to reflect, to think and pray through all the emotions I was experiencing.

I found healing in restoring something that was old and ugly and in the creative process involved.

tafel en stoel after
The restored table and chairs in my home office

More ways of keeping busy to lift my emotions.

And then there is blogging and before blogging writing a diary. 

Many times when feeling low I sat down and vent my feelings in writing. Often the writings end up in the trash but at least it is out of my system  where it can fester and poison me with bitterness , jealousy, hate or unforgiveness.

In future?

For that there still is a long list of want to do’s on my living list which I try to keep updated as life and time goes by.

Finally it is a fact of life that we all have bad times and good times. We have to learn to balance the bad, sad and good times for without the difficult times how would we ever appreciate the good things in life?

Written in response to TRS Future Challenge : Beating the Blues 

One thought on “TRS : Future Challenge:When Emotions Take a Fall, Get Busy

  1. I’m so sorry for the loss of your parents. Isn’t it odd how events like this sometimes happen in clusters? You have a great approach – staying busy and getting creative. I’ll look forward to learinbg about your retirement decision – that will be another huge change for you, when you do it! Thanks for sharing this. 😉

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